Wasps On A High This Season

The Wasps have definitely been on a high this Premier League season and as the Champions Cup comes to an end there is more for the fans to look forward to. ‘

Indeed the most expert term them as Entertainers as the players can swashbuckle their way and put in a goal, even when there is no possibility in sight. This often brings about comparisons between the Newcastle United team of the late nineties with the current day Wasps. However the director of rugby of the team, Dai Young does not want more comparisons or hype to be made.

He has definitely helped to turn around the team that now has a lot of young talent who have become a force to be reckoned with on the field. Indeed, the team can be compared to other talented teams among national rugby teams. The team had been facing extinction and the director as well as the coaches has been able to execute the right strategies to get the team back in a formidable form. The team now has a new home in Coventry and the future is looking bright for them. This year the team heads the Aviva Premiership rankings.

As four games remain in the Champions Cup they are assured of a playoff position. In the upcoming weekend Leinster would be facing Wasps in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium. The two teams will fight for a position in the semi finals. Young states that, the Wasps have accumulated about 550 points in this Premiership season but that will not account for anything unless they have a significant win at the end. His attitude probably echoes a level headed approach to keeping the hype down, and keeping the players focused on the game. Having brought around a team’s performance to international standards is hard work indeed and that should be kept focused and low key till a significant victory has been achieved.